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Librarian on tour

Ayr Carnegie Library: detail from window

On my summer holidays I managed to visit several brilliant libraries, including the Ayr Carnegie Library, the Maybole Carnegie Public Library, and a visit to Scotland's oldest lending library at Innerpeffray - which proved to be an absolutely amazing library! With the future of many libraries uncertain, I do feel we should be supporting libraries whenever and wherever we can, even if that is just to look inside or ask a question. Who knows what else you may find while there. For example, at Innerpeffray Library my friend and I found ourselves leafing through a gardening book from the 1580's, and viewing hand written poems by Robert Burns, which was a privilege and delight to do. What will you discover at library near you?

Maybole Carnegie Public Library 

Innerpeffray Library: reading room and library


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While at this years 2018 School library Association Conference in Glasgow in June, I took a notion and asked the publishers reps to recommend a few books for my pupils in my two schools to read at the S2- S3 level. And I recorded them doing this! I've pieced them together as a 6 minute book suggestion trailer to share with pupils in my two schools to inspire them into finding something new to read. Please feel free to share this and use it. There are some great suggestions and recommendations, and all the reps were very enthusiastic to be part of the trailer. A huge thank you to them and I hope you are inspired to read some of these books :0)

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